You think you know Geno?


Let’s try an experiment, shall we?

Listed above are five quarterback prospects from 2011-2013. All five prospects were impressive in their own right at their colleges and have bright futures in the NFL.

Player B and Player C are the only two QBs to pass the ball over 500 times in a season. Not surprisingly, Player B’s completion percentage is the lowest of the five QBs. Player C’s completion percentage was almost 10% higher and is 1.2% off from Player D and one-tenth off from Player E. Player A comes in as the second lowest at 66.1%.

In terms of passing yards, Player D tops the list at 4,293 yards. Player C trailed the leader by 88 yards. No other QB came within 500 yards of Player D.

Next, let’s take a look at every players TD/INT ratio. Player C leads the way with the most passing touchdowns and tied for the fewest interceptions with player D. Players D and E tied in terms of touchdowns, but Player E had four more interceptions. Player A only threw seven interceptions and had 30 TDs on the season. The worst TD/INT ratio belonged to Player B with 29 TDs and 15 INTs.

Looking at the quarterback ratings, it’s no surprise that Player D led the way with a 189.5 rating. Player A came in second with an impressive 182.0. Player E came close to a 170 QB rating and Player C was close one-tenth of a point away from a QB rating of 164. Coming far in last was Player B with a 133.2 QB rating.

In terms of rush yards and rush TDs, it was no contest. Player A was in a class by himself with 1,473 rush yards and 20 rush TDs. Player D also had impressive running stats with close to 700 yards on the ground and 10 TDs. Player B ranked third with 306 rush yards and 4 TDs. Players C and E each only had around 150 yards apiece and two rushing TDs. Player E did this on close to 20 fewer rushes.

Total touchdowns? Player A had 51 total TDs as he added one touchdown reception in his final collegiate season. Player D had 47 TDs followed by Player C with 44 TDs. Player E finished with 39 total touchdowns and Player B finished with 33 touchdowns.

Looking at just the stats alone, I’d pick player D as the most consistent QB in the rankings. Player A was the most dangerous QB on the ground by far, but Player C ranked highly in terms of completion percentage, TD/INT ratio and QB rating. Player E also did pretty well for himself across the board, except in terms of rushing. Of all of the quarterbacks, Player B is the one who stuck out like a sore thumb.

Now, what if I told you the five quarterbacks were Cam Newton, Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Ryan Tannehill and Geno Smith? Well based upon what you’ve been reading and hearing the last few weeks, Player B has to be Geno Smith, right?

Wrong. Geno Smith was player C. You know, the player who was tops in TD/INT ratio, close to the top of completion percentage and second in yards thrown.

As for the rest of the players, Player A was Cam Newton, Player B was Ryan Tannehill, Player D was RGIII and Player E was Andrew Luck.

Against four QBs who have transitioned well to the NFL, Geno Smith held his own in the stat department. The one QB who didn’t? Ryan Tannehill.

Yet, at this time last year everyone was talking about Tannehill as a top 10 QB. As for Smith? Some draft experts say he is close to the 20th best prospect in the draft. Others are saying he’s a second round prospect.

Sorry, but I don’t get it. Yes, there are flaws in Smith’s game. He played out of the shotgun often and played in an offense that was pass happy. There are some accuracy issues as well as when Smith missed a target, it wasn’t close.

No one is claiming that Geno Smith is a perfect prospect at QB. That being said, Buffalo should consider themselves lucky if he falls into their lap at pick eight.

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