“Second String” SuperBowl Celebration Spectacular

Buffalo Bills – Super Bowl Champions

Every Bills Fan has one dream. To see the Bills win the Super Bowl and celebrate the victory with a few hundred of our closest friends.

On the Friday, March 8th, 2013, you are going to get that chance. (Kind of)

In 2002, TNT aired a made for  TV movie called  “Second String”


In which, a rag tag crew of Bills Second Stringers lead the Buffalo Bills to a Super Bowl Championship!

Its official description:

There’s no tomorrow for professional football’s Buffalo Bills. They traded future draft picks to assemble a Dream Team starting offense designed to win it all now. But a plate of tainted oysters intervenes, sending that starting unit to the hospital with severe food poisoning. If the Bills are going to win the Super Bowl(R), they’ll have to do it with their little-used bench warmers and with a flashy QB they signed for the practice squad.

SECOND STRING stars Academy Award winner Jon Voight as the Bills hard-headed coach Chuck Dichter and Gil Bellows as the new QB with a flair for trick plays. Second String also features cameos by some of sports’ most familiar faces, including Doug Flutie, Mike Ditka, Chris Berman, Donovan Greer and Bills radio announcer Van Miller.

TKIG Note: I also saw cameos by the Ralph Wilson parking lots, Pinto Ron, Thurman Thomas, Ruben Brown, and an actor in a Poobah Hat playing the role of my friend Shawn.

Any movie where the Bills win the Super Bowl was meant to be enjoyed with other Bills Fans.

secondstringbanner(Although it was a TV Movie, it would probably be rated PG-13. There’s some mild language and a relatively innocent bathtub scene that features brief Teri Polo side boob. Be warned if you’re planning on having the kids watch too.)

Be there! It’s going to be great!

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