The 13 Most Interesting Things in this 1980 Buffalo Bills Game Program

You remember Buffalo Bills Game Programs, right? I’m talking about back when programs were full sized magazines that you had to pay for and not just little free pamphlets with Tim Horton’s Coupons.

I remember Bills Game Programs fondly and I’ve bought enough of them off on ebay to last us the entire season. So buckle up!

Today’s program is from the September 14th, 1980 New York Jets vs. Bills game (Bills won 20-10). O.J. Simpson was added the Bills “Ring Of Honor” aka Wall of Fame on this day.

Original Price: $2.00



Who writes like this?


Honestly! Bloggers errrrrrrr New Media Authors like myself take all sorts of criticism for being simple minded idiots working out of their mother’s basement, but THIS is what passed for content in 1980? The only way that I can fathom this making ANY sense is to imagine Howard Cosell reading it.


What’s going on here Marvin?


It’s only been the last 15 or so years that dressing up as Princess Leia has been all the rage,

leiaso I must ask–what are you doing Marvin? Was this an intentional choice? Was this a camera trick? An Optical Illusion? I tried calling his office number, but no dice. It is a mystery that we will never know the answer to.


This is a cool ad


Nothing funny to say about this one. Just a really cool Earl Campbell 7Up Ad.


A painful chapter of my life relived


When I was about 6 years old–about 1980–I really wanted a Bills Helmet for Christmas. (Actually, I still want a Bills Helmet for Christmas). I got a Steelers helmet. Probably because National Retailers only stocked an assortment of Steelers and Cowboys stuff. I blame you for this JC Penney. I put up a stink and eventually got my Mom to exchange the Steelers Helmet for a Bills Helmet.


Et tu, Montgomery Ward?


Another National Retailer jamming painful childhood memories in my face. 1980 was horrible.


Who was throwing these?


Who was throwing these? How did they keep track of this at store level? I see opportunities for rampant fraud here. Probably why Bells is now gone and no other local store runs this promotion.


Get a load of this…


1980s Jills posing in front of the now closed McKinley Park Inn…WITH a huge roadside sign advertising Lance Diamond. Does it get any better than this?

[youtube id=”Mm7HHMV68AY” width=”600″ height=”350″]


Little did we know


Little did we know that 10 years later, Ottis “O.J.” Anderson would ruin our lives. Nary a mention of this in this article.

Ottis Anderson




I love football games. Football board games, football video games, football card games, football dice games, football hand held games. There’s one of these on ebay for $20. Tempting.


More Milk


Yet another Milk on a hot day Ad. The wooden snow fence tells me that this was shot at Training Camp in Fredonia. I can’t explain the picnic blanket.


Technology Rules


This TV offered 330 lines of resolution and was cable-ready for 20 cable channels. And they wanted you to send them a letter to verify this. People must have had a lot more free time in 1980.




Were these pajamas? Any cutting edge fashion trends that you could “only” get at Southgate Plaza probably wasn’t a real fashion trend at all. But they did successfully inspire the Back to the Future logo.




Thank goodness for Sears, who was actually smart enough to offer Buffalo Bills gear (or “sportswear” as they called it in the early 80s) in a Buffalo Bills game program. The best part is that in 1980, NFL gear only was available in kids sizes. Oh, how times have changed.

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    Great stuff! Really enjoyed your greatest players at each number preseason countdown. Some of the best Bills writing I’ve read. Thank you.

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