The 12 Most Interesting Things in This 1983 Buffalo Bills Program

You remember Buffalo Bills Game Programs, right? I’m talking about back when programs were full sized magazines that you had to pay for and not just little free pamphlets with Tim Horton’s Coupons.

I remember Bills Game Programs fondly and I’ve bought enough of them off on ebay to last us the entire season. So buckle up!

Today’s program is from the October 3rd, 1983 New York Jets vs. Bills (Jets won 34-10)

Original Price: $1.50


This cover is great. Original artwork of all of the Jets I will grow up to hate. Being 1983 and all, you know that this was actually hand drawn and colored instead of being created on a computer. It must have taken hours to complete. Admirable–even if it is a portrait of the Jets.

The Original AXE


This looks like a modern day AXE Body Spray Advertisement with girls being uncontrollably attracted to this guy. But Why? Because he’s reading Cosmo? Because he bought sweatpants and a weird fake jersey from Sibley’s? Because he has a mustache? Was this guy considered attractive in 1983? I’m so confused.

Game Day 


A lot of talk about “Men’s Sportswear” from local department stores in today’s edition. Is this what people wore to games in 1983? SO much warmer, tweedier and classier than the getups worn today.

More guys chugging Milk


What is with the logo on the field goal post? It looks like the 1983 me drew it. Also, I recognize #51 Jim Ritcher, my program tells me that #7 is Punter Greg Cater, but I have no idea who #90 is. He doesn’t appear in the program. A TKIG reader pointed out that that is DE Scott Hutchinson. But that seems unlikely. Not just because of this but also because another TKIG reader sent me an email that went directly to the source:

I saw your blog this morning, and I wasn’t 100 percent that 90 is in the milk photo was who I thought it was, so I sent it to Jim Ritcher and he confirmed it’s Tony Hunter.

Honestly, who am I to argue with Jim Ritcher?


Put the Needle on the Record


I didn’t have a fancy record player like this as a kid, but I did have some awesome records. STYX Mr. Roboto, Michael Jackson’s Thriller, The WWF Wrestling Album, and the record story books for Star Wars, Return of the Jedi, and The Black Hole. If I searched in my attic I know I could find them. I’m pretty sure the towel Jim Kelly game me in 1987 is up there too.

Does Not Compute


Seeing “Budweiser Light” all spelled out on the can looks so strange to me. But they say “Bud Light” in the copy and the Olympic logo. Wait, WHAT? Bud Light was an official sponsor of the 1984 Olympic Team? It’s a good thing the Soviets didn’t show up that year.

Business Trip


I did not know that in 1983 TWA invented business class. I also did not know that 30 years later, I would only be able to longingly look at giant business class seats with full size pillows and giant warm blankets as I usher my sorry rear end to my stained coach seat.



A cologne that promotes weird 1980s men in suits to let the devil “lurking inside of them” out. Just when I thought that 1980s men who wear cologne and suits weren’t creepy enough. I want to tear this page out and burn it.

I Know Him!


Jerry Glanville was once a Bills Assistant Coach. Nary a mention of him leaving tickets for Elvis at the Will Call Window. And he’s from Detroit? He had such a Southern Simplicity to him.

I Know Him Too!


Rookie Darryl Talley. One of the Greatest Buffalo Bills of ALL Time. Wasn’t he adorable?

Holy Schnapps!


Let’s take a look at this copy:

“Before kickoff…


after the game.”

“refreshing and flavorful…

with brandy…

with whiskey…

or on the rocks.”

It’s no wonder i saw a guy break a bottle over a woman’s head at my first ever Bills game.



I like the Bills. I like money. I like scratch offs. This looks like so much fun! We need someone to bring this back!

Share the FUN!


Finding this ad for the West Seneca Showbiz Pizza Place, makes buying this program TOTALLY worthwhile.

So many West Seneca Showbiz Pizza Place memories:

[youtube id=”jiN0pYSIeOU” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Now there is a guy who has the Showbiz Pizza place band in his garage. This is what inspired the bad guy in the movie “Ted”, right?

[youtube id=”0zbkaezQsRM” width=”600″ height=”350″]

I’m scared.

That’s it for this week. I need to go and try to unsee that.

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