Solving America’s Football Problem


America has a Football problem.

We love football! And the TV networks know this. They give us football on Sundays from 1pm until 12am, Monday Night Football, Tuesday MAACtion, Wednesday Football, Thursday Night NFL Football, Friday and Saturday NCAA Fotball. And don’t get me started on Bowl Season. I could watch football all day every day, and I often and do.  Continue Reading →

1989 Bills Video Yearbook

The 1988 Bills team is my all time favorite, but the 1989 team is right up there too. We are very lucky to have the 1989 NFL Films Video Yearbook available on YouTube. For those of us who remember that team, it’s a great reminder of how much fun that season was. For those of you who don’t remember that team, you’ll be amazed how easy they used to make it look. And then afterwards I made some keen observations:

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The Shout! Song That Almost Was

The following story is frightening, confusing and 100% true…

Prior to the 1993 season, the Bills usage rights to the current Buffalo Bills Shout Song had expired and the new rights owners wanted more money for it. Negotiations got ugly and the Bills were prepared to walk. Instead of the beloved Shout Song that Buffalo had sang together since the mid 1980s, a new Shout Song based on Shout! Shout! (Knock Yourself Out) by Ernie Maresca was recorded by the Bills and ready to be used. The tune it was to be set to:o

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Mighty Taco’s New Stadium Plan Might Be Best Yet


If you’re familiar with Mighty Taco, then you’re familiar with the Mighty Taco tray liners. Humorous and usually timely little sketches meant to generate a laugh.  This weekend, while enjoying some delicious hard shell mightys medium, no tomato, with guacamole – I couldn’t help but notice that their current tray liner was their plan for “A 100,000 Seat Mighty Taco Restaurant” that is also “Suitable for Professional Football.” Continue Reading →

“The World’s Greatest Team” The Screenplay

imageFor a fitting end the Super Bowl Week on TKIG, I’m going to share an idea that I’ve had in my head for a while. I’ve mentioned it to a few people and every one of them thought it was pretty good. Since I’m not a screenplay writer or frankly have the time to write a full screenplay–I’m hoping someone in Hollywood reads this, loves it, buys the option for a hefty sum of cash, and then makes an award winning movie out of it.

That’s not too much to ask, is it? Continue Reading →