Only 32 days until the 2012 Bills Season begins.

I was still pooping in my pants when OJ played for the Bills. So I don’t have a lot of warm OJ memories.

But I do have this one. During the summer of 1995 the OJ Trial dominated the media world. I was home from college for the summer and I probably watched 14 hours of OJ coverage a day. Over the course of the summer, I became enamored with the amount of junk that OJ Trial Judge Lance Ito had on his desk. (Hourglasses, laptops, etc.)

This picture shows none of that junk.

That summer was joined “The Lost Summer” because I had very, very little to do–OTHER THAN go to Super Flea with my friend Shawn:

to buy Judge Ito a gift for his desk.

And find a gift I did–a beautiful set of Antique Scales. I thought they would be a fitting gift and coined them the “Sales of Justice”:

They looked just like this. I think they were $7.

I packed them up and sent them to the LA County Courthouse. And for the rest of the summer I looked to see if they made it to his desk.

They did not.

But a few weeks later I received this:


With this inside:

This letter was written on the same day that:

SEPT. 11: Defense refuses to rest while appealing on Fuhrman; Ito orders prosecution to begin rebuttal; five photographers testify about pictures of O.J. wearing gloves like ones linked to crime. From OJ Trial Timeline

I’m not sure exactly what my kind words were, but I’m sure they were inspiring!

And that’s all I have to say about that.


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