Only 76 days until the 2012 Bills Season begins. Why #76 Chad Rinehart is the most important player on the team.

Mike Sullivan June 25, 2012 Comments Off

In the game of football, no man does it alone. The 17 week NFL season is a grind. Enormous men hurl themselves at other enormous men, all at tremendous speeds. Injury is inevitable.

That’s why quality depth from quality players like Chad Rinehart is so important. Last year the Bills had a good core, evidenced by their 5-2 start. Then players started to get dinged. Then players started missing games. And on a young team without a lot of depth, those injuries became the 2011 Bills undoing.

I’m thrilled we have a backup lineman like Rinehart. He may not score the most touchdowns or run for the most yards, but his presence on the roster WILL come into play during the Bills 2012 playoff run.

The difference between being in the AFC playoffs and being out of the AFC playoffs will be ONE win.

And I’m confident that when called onto the field, Rinehart will rise to the challenge.

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