Only 93 days until the 2012 Bills Season begins. Why #93 Mark Anderson is the most important player on the team.

Mike Sullivan June 8, 2012 Comments Off

First and foremost, now that Mark Anderson is on the Bills instead of the Patriots, there is one less guy on our most hated division rival to chase Fitz around. Upgrade! making him important right off the snap.

Back when the Bills used to have their Training Camp at Fredonia State, my aunt used to take me there for the day. It was way more open and informal than St. John Wegmans and I remember getting the autograph of almost every player on the team. Even though every player on the team was significantly larger than the 12 year old me, “Dr. Sack” Leon Seals really stood out to me as an absolute mountain of a man.

“Dr. Sack” himself

The Ball

I digress.

My point is that the Bills have not put two fast twitch, lights out pass rushing Defensive Ends on the field together since 1991 (Bruce Smith and Leon Seals). That was a long damn time ago. So long ago that if you were born if 1991, you could legally buy me a drink today.

I’ll continue to bring up the notion that you can’t afford to double team Marcell Dareus AND Kyle Williams, AND Mario Williams all at the same time until someone proves me wrong. And if you  want to try double teaming just two of them, it leaves Mark Anderson with the chance to run past the oppontnets Offensive Line UNBLOCKED! If Anderson managed to get 10 sacks last year for the porous Patriots Defense, just think of the absolute mayhem he will cause with this front four!

He’ll be given every opportunity to best that 10 sack number and at the end of the day he’s the one that’s got to deliver when given the chance. Making his play the key in 2012 and making him the important player on the 2012 Buffalo Bills.


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