6 reasons the Bills should just draft 6 Quarterbacks

The Bills are going nowhere without a quality starting Quarterback. Sadly, the Bills haven’t had one since this happened:


It should be noted that this small, grainy picture is the ONLY picture on the internet of Jim Kelly getting carted off the field during the 1996 playoff loss to Jacksonville. It’s almost like Jim Kelly and his Illuminati cohorts have conspired to suppress any photographic evidence of this event. If I was Jim Kelly, I’d want this picture erased from the Earth too. As great a Quarterback as he was, dazed and concussed on the back of a golf cart was a horrible, horrible, way to go out. He deserved better.

Things started to go bad for the Buffalo Bills the second this happened, largely because they no longer had a quality QB.


And I’ve got the solution.

To make sure we find our starter for the next 10 years, the Bills should use ALL of their draft picks on QBs. ALL OF THEM! (As reminder, we’re down to just 6 2013 draft picks, because the Bills traded a 2013 7th round pick to acquire Tarvaris Jackson–ANOTHER failed QB experiment)

WE…ARE…DESPERATE and the time for a bold move is now.

So desperate. So thirsty. So lost.

So thirsty. So lost.

Is this idea crazy? Maybe.

Or maybe not. Here’s why…

#1 We need a couple of QBs anyway

Once Free Agency starts, the only Quarterback on the Bills roster will be Ryan Fitzpatrick. It is still a big question mark if the new coaching staff will even want to keep him. So, they’re already going to need to add at least 2 more Quarterbacks to the roster. Just add 6. 6 is only a shade more than 2.

#2 First Round QB success rate

The success rate of QBs drafted in the 1st Round is only about 50%. Basically, it’s a flip of a coin when drafting a QB. Let’s flip that coin 6 times and see if we can get it to come up heads JUST ONCE!


#3 Promises kept

The Bills could start a new trend. The NFL hates trendy gimmicks like “The Wildcat”, “The Read Option” and “The Chip Kelly” right until those gimmicks start to work. Somebody promised me a forward thinking, aggressive franchise. Drafting 6 QBs would deliver on that promise.

#4 NFL Draft on Steroids

Executing this strategy would make the 2013 Draft THAT much more fun to watch. Not that it isn’t already the 4 best days of the offseason, but if we know that the Bills are on a quest for 6 QBs we will be glued to our TVs for every single pick. Who’s on the board? Are other teams now going to reach for a QB? Which 6 QBs are we going to get?

#5 We can screw over the Jets and 5 other teams

I’m pretty sure the Jets, Raiders, Cardinals, Browns, Eagles, and Jaguars all could also really use a new Quarterback. If the Bills take 6 of them, that’s 6 less QBs for those teams. What are those teams going to do? LOSE for over a decade like the Bills–that’s what they’re going to do.

#6 Why not?

Here is the list of just some of the QBs that have seen action for the Bills since 1997. It’s ugly. I don’t blame you if you can’t bear to look at all of them.

Todd Collins
Alex Van Pelt
Billy Joe Hobert
Doug Flutie
Rob Johnson
Drew Bledsoe
JP Losman
Kelly Holcomb
Shane Matthews
Trent Edwards
Brian Brohm
Ryan Fitzpatrick

This joke isn’t funny anymore. Make it stop!


Philadelphia Eagles v Buffalo Bills


So Buddy, what do you think? Am I crazy?


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