I forgive you Bon Jovi

I forgave Jon Bon Jovi today. I didn’t do it because I like his music or I think he’s a good actor. I forgave him because he made Buffalo a better place. What? When? Why? How dare you? Hear me out…

It is basic human instinct for tribes of people with a common interest to band together against a common foe.

And that exactly what Bon Jovi was. An evil outsider who entertained the notion that the Buffalo Bills would be better off by playing some or all of its games outside of Western New York. (allegedly)

That’s all Buffalo needed to rally together as one. That’s right. Many think “One Buffalo” refers to the fact of the Sabres and Bills were now under the Pegulas–and yes that is true. But what’s really true is how we rallied together. How we hoisted Pro-Pegula signs and orchestrated anti-Bon Jovi rallys. In our shared hate for man who simply was associated with a Toronto ownership group, we truly became One.

To Buffalonians (and when I say that I mean all Western New Yorkers) the idea of not having the Bills made us realize what and how much the Bills mean to us all. The neighborhood parties, the home tailgates, the mindless (but completely necessary) banter around the workplace water cooler. Our shared memories of those legendary teams and the hope that one day we’d be able to share new glory with the next generation of Buffalo Bills fans.

The prospect that there was even a 1% chance of that being taken from us frightened us AND united us. And it’s all we needed.

Since October 9th of 2014, Buffalo has never had such positive spirit and momentum. Take an afternoon walk at Canalside, eat a sausage at Ballyhoo, or kayak down the Buffalo River and you’ll feel it for yourself. Buffalo is back. But we were here all along.

Sometimes an oyster needs a grain of sand to create a pearl. That’s exactly what Jon Bon Jovi was for us.

Will I go out of my way to thank him for that? Probably not.

Will I still change the station when he comes on my radio? Probably.

But will I still be mad at him for being the catalyst that brought us closer together than ever before. No, I will not.

Jon Bon Jovi. I forgive you.


As for Billy Buffalo….well, that’s a different story.

What if the Bills committed to “The Tank”

Tonight, the Buffalo Sabres controversial “Tank” season may finally come to a fruitful end. Yes it was painful, but no more painful than the last decade of playoff-less Buffalo Bills football. Which got me thinking…what if at a certain point of their history the Bills pulled a tank of their own? Specifically in the year 2004, when the Buffalo Bills finished the season 5-11 and drafted 13th in the Quarterback rich 2004 NFL Draft.

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Who the @#$% is Charles Clay?!?!

We got him!

#ClayWatch turned out to be the hottest thing since #MarioWatch. Maybe hotter. But who is he? I’m here to help:

Name: Charles Clay

Do NOT mess with his name.  Clay’s Father: “When he was growing up I told him if anyone calls you anything but your name it’s OK to punch them in the mouth”

Height: 6-3

Weight: 250

Born: Little Rock, Arkansas



His father (also Charles Clay) was the starting Tight End for the late 1970s Lou Holtz coached University of Arkansas Teams. Father was a member of Arkansas 1970s All-Decade Team.

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The 10 people you don’t want to sit next to at a Bills Game


The flurry of recent Buffalo Bills trade & free agent activity has me itching to get back out to the The Ralph.

Here is a list of the 10 people I can do without when I get there: (Yes, I’ve sat next to ALL of them)


#1 The “STAND UP! Why aren’t you Standing Up!?!?” Guy/Girl
Listen pal, the team is 4-10, it’s 7 degrees outside, and we’re losing by 13. Just because you’re drunk as a skunk doesn’t mean I need to be standing up right now. Continue Reading →

WHAT Just Happened?!?! – The Anatomy of a Fanbase Freakout


Sunday at 1:45PM, this happened:


Then this happened:


AND then this:


And just 3 hours and 3 minutes later, it went to the darkest of places: Continue Reading →

The Numbers Game

NFL Free Agency officially starts in less than 24 hours. Unless it started already. I really can’t tell anymore.

Unlike in years past, no one at the Bills is selling me on the idea that, “We really just have let the big names and big contracts get out of the way because there are so many quality options in the second and third tier free agents.”

That may still be true, but as evidenced by the signing of Rex Ryan and the trade for LeSean McCoy, this year’s Buffalo Bills are looking to make a splash.

Splash away! Splash away! Go make it the splashiest! Continue Reading →

Who the @#$% is Matt Cassel?

We needed another QB, we got another QB. Yet no one seems particularly excited. Maybe you will when you learn more about him:


Full Name: Matthew Brennan Cassel

Important: There’s only ONE L in Cassel

Height: 6-4

Weight: 228

Born: Northridge, California

His family’s home was at the epicenter of a 1994 earthquake. His father got trapped under a marble column and their pool flooded their house. The house eventually was condemned.

Played in 1994 Little League World Series for the Northridge, CA Team.


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