What Our New Stadium Needs: Volume 4

This may not be the most glamorous of my What Our New Stadium Needs Series, but one that needs to be written.

When the new stadium finally gets the green light, the design team is going to go all out to make it the best-in-class in every single aspect. None of us would expect anything less, but one thing that they’ll go for may not be the best move.  Continue Reading →

Decoding the 2015 Buffalo Bills Schedule

Football-less now for 2+ weeks – all that I can think about is the 2015 Buffalo Bills Season. Who will we play Week 1? When will the home opener be? When is the Cowboys game? When do Rex and company get their first crack at those dirty, dirty cheating New England Patriots?

These are just some of my questions. The full 2015 NFL Schedule won’t be release until late April, but a few clues already exist. For example we know when the Bills and Jaguars are playing in London. We know that the Patriots will host the Week #1 Season Opener, which means there is a 0% chance that the Bills would host them in Buffalo Week #1. Aside from the 2015 schedule clues I listed above, there are a few more clues available that which will help us narrow down the 2015 possibilities – and ultimately help us forget about this wretched, frigid, football-less time of the year. Continue Reading →